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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Pandesal anyone???

Just got out of the office with bloodshut eyes and all...All I can think of is food and sleep, pandesal, peanut butter and coffee would be a good idea. I wish there's a place in Ayala MRT Station wherein I can buy pandesal. Usually I before I go home I go eat pancakes at McDonald's or 12 pcs of "tuknene" (quail eggs dipped in flour) at Balut Eggspress with sweet chili sauce on them. When I'm this sleepy I really need to eat and eat just so that I can survive the travel from Makati and back to QC...Im just so hungry right now....


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I checked on my officemate's flat because he was convincing me to move in. So after shift we went to his place and I met his other flatmate. I love staying in QC but one thing I'm having a problem with is the proximity. The place is too far that I am like a walking zombie when I get home and another is that the hassle of traffic and travelling. I had to check the place and also talk to my future flatmates in regards with the finances, conditions and whatnot. But instead of staying for just an hour I stayed there the whole day because I've enjoyed their company. It seems that I'm gonna get along well with these peeps. I'm gonna be moving in maybe later this week.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005


I woke up at about 7:00 pm and it was raining like crazy. I was thinking twice about goin out because of the bad weather but since I did OT off yesterday I felt that I owe it to myself. So here I am waiting for 11:00 pm, Im going to malate tonight. Marvin texted me earlier and I texted him back, for some reason its been two saturdays now that he's not texting me on a saturday night..Hmmmm, i wonder what he is into this days...(Marv, alam ko tinatamad ka lang umalis)...Well, what the heck! Im still going to Malate, this is a first though...I dont usually go party all by myself...


A certain ENZO has been texting me sayin that he got my number from a friend...I asked him to spill where he really got my number, it turned out he got it from an ex. I dont trust people easily. He told me that he stole my number from my ex's phonebook and that he is interested in me...I dont know what is this all about, rebound maybe? Well, two can play at that game hehe....

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Friday, August 26, 2005


I left the house at about 7:00 in the evening to go to work...Since it was way too early I decided to go to Coffee Experience first and have me some granita. It was something new since I rarely go to Coffee Ex all by my lonesome. In a way it was nice to just spend time all by myself and just think about things. BTW, I saw stripperboi at the same cafe with his friends. After 15 minutes of ME time, I went straight to the office.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Love em bushes err....pants

Low rise jeans both for men and women is makin waves right now. I am a big fan of this type of jeans even way before, it just feels sexy and comfortable wearin low cut and semi fitted jeans. This ad is for D&G ultra low cut jeans, so low that they might fall *lol...You can see billboards of Bench's B/low and Folded and Hung's Illegally Low at Edsa with their own versions. I just dont know if it would be fashionably trendy to have your bushes showin while wearin these extremely low jeans. But the Dolce boys sure looks good on them either with bushes showin or without. I gotta get me a pair!!!!

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Burnt popcorn anyone? I so suck at cooking that I cant even operate a microwave oven right. Me and my officemates went to the pantry since I brought food and popcorn. I overcooked the thing that half of the contents are burnt. I didnt read the instructions, I just put it in the microwave and had it set for 4 minutes and went on to watch TV...As im typing this blogpost I can still smell the burnt cheese flavor on my fingers.


I have changed my color again after 5 days of having blonde hair. My supervisor has been pestering me everyday to change the color. I purchased Colorsilk from Revlon and its a light golden brown shade and had Sandra (the stylist) do the application. I bought the color myself to make sure that I like the color. My hair grows so fast that after a week or so there are like dark roots and I did not like the offsetting. It looks dirty to me, but when Marvin saw me last night he prefers the blonde do. The color is just beautiful, natural looking but i still look a tanned white boy. In a week's time I had my hair done thrice and an officemate even said that they are gonna be watching out what my haircolor for next week.


I met up with Marvin and Sonny at McDonald's yesterday to just hang out and eat some grub. When we went inside the establishment, we saw a familiar face. It was stripperboi of malate, every saturday nights I usually see this guy on the ledge carrying a bottle of beer and dancing half naked hence the monicker. He also unzips his pants to to tease everybody, I never really paid much attention to him. I think he is a management trainee for the fastfood chain thats why he was there. He was looking at me for some reason, I was just thinking that he might have recognized me.Marvin said that he was trying to get my attention and I confirmed that when I went to the wash area. He went to the same place pretending to be busy and talking to a crew. I was like checking myself on the mirror and he checked the faucet that was in front of me which was working fine since I used it earlier (*wink, wink). I dunno if it was just that I had my haircolor changed or what but Polo told me last two weeks ago that he's an officemate's EX. Sorry bud! I dont go for an officemate/friend's ex and I'm dating somebody online...Mishu Sweepee!

FYI: Im like real sleepy doin this post that I almost fell asleep while typing. Forgive the typos and the grammar if there are any...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Ohmigawd! I just got it biconfessions readers...The certificate from spaceblog, it seems that not only humanoids are reading my posts even extraterrestrial intelligence...LoL! kewlness! *winks

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Another day is up and I'm about to go home. Just wanna drop a post here before I go snooze. Im like so sleepy and tired of speaking to irate customers, I wish they get a LIFE!!! LoL...Here I am again with my rants but at any rate this blog is my release, my catharsis. Nuthin to post really, all I've done for the past two days was just eat and sleep, watch TV and go to work. Speaking of watching TV, I saw the Kris-James episode on Boy Abunda's morning show. I forgot to mention Im a big Kristeta fan, I really like her being kikay and honest. It was mentioned that if ever she will get married there is no TV coverage whatsoever, everything is kept private. Well that's a new one since her life is one big soap opera. It would seem like there was a nationwide blackout during the conclusion slash they-live-happily-ever-after part.


The Pinoy Big Brother has been airing for two days now and I really find it interesting. 12 different personalities under one roof and if I would be asked who my favorite housemate its gonna be Rico...he is so generous, go figure!...Among the girls I like Say, I think she has a fun personality and easy to be with. I could Imagine myself being stuck with her for a hundred days and not have a single argument. Check out the official site: CLICK HERE

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Monday, August 22, 2005


Would you want to be stuck with these peeps in a house for 100 days???

I was way too early for my shift when I arrived at the office last night. Before that, I met up with my bestfriend at 6:00 in the evening and we just kicked at KFC. Since I arrived at the office two hours prior to my shift, I just watched TV at the pantry to kill time. There was like an opening bash on Channel 2 for its Pinoy version of Big Brother. I remember when they were still looking for contestants I almost called their 1-800 hotline, I hesitated because I think I would kill myself without going out of the house for 100 days. I can survive it I think as long as cellphone, cable TV, internet are available. Its intriguing in a way that 12 strangers stuck in one house for a hundred days, 27 cameras scattered all over. Voyeurism on national TV! woohoo...they got nuthin to hide LoL...I cant wait to watch Pinoy Big Brother's pilot episode tonight. There are some familiar faces on the contest one is Cassandra Ponti, a former FHM covergirl and Uma, Sheryn Regis' leading man on her new video...I have to say that they're a gorgeous bunch which makes the show more interesting. I wonder how MTRCB would react to the show in the future episodes. I hope that censorship wouldnt get in the way otherwise they would ruin the whole point of the show. It was mentioned that even if the show is edited there is gonna be live "uncut" feed over the internet.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Billy Joe Armstrong of Greenday

Duncan James and Lee Ryan

Colin Farrel

I dunno what's happening but for some reason everybody's converted...to the Gay/Bi Cult that is...Or most of them just like the thought of kissing boys hehe....but here is one thing comfirmed though Mark Feehily of Westlife has come OUT! It was confirmed on an interview by Victoria Newton...

Here's the article from the SUN newspaper:

He's a heart-throb admired by millions of fans around the world... and today Westlife star Mark Feehily has taken the brave decision to reveal that he is gay.

In an astonishingly frank and moving interview, the singer decided to tell the truth about his love life for the first time.

For years the Irish-born singer has avoided questions about his sexuality. But today he feels the time is right to come out in an exclusive Sun interview.

Mark, 25, says "I want people to know the truth about my sexuality. I am gay and im very proud of who I am. I'm not asking for any sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else. I simply felt it was the right time for me to let people know the truth. I'v never tried to hide who I am from anyone, but i'm a very private person and in the past I haven't felt the need to say anything about my sexuality. But I want people to know I am very comfortable with who I am."

With Westlife Mark had a staggering TWELVE No 1 single, won 2 brit awards, an MTV Europe Award and had five multi-platinum albums.


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I got my hair colored blonde yesterday...it was bleached last two days so i had this yellow orange hair for two days. It was punk-ish in a way because the color was so strong and finally i got it all done yesterday. Its light blonde now, PINOY BLONDE that is hehe. I also got my eyebrows colored chocolate brown so it would not contrast the hair's light color (suggestion from Sandra, the stylist). In a way im digging the whole look, it made my skin lighter which is a good thing. Next stop, Tattoo! hehe...My mom would freak out, ive been thinkin about it for years now...My friend Vas invited me to an art exhibit later this evening at Makati. What do i know about art??? the hell who cares...


I had my hair bleached last wednesday because of the cartoon theme at the office. I came in as Fred Jones of Scooby Doo series. Had to buy an orange hanky at Human to complete the look. It was a fun day at the office seein everyone in costume.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I feel so lethargic right now that I cant think of anything. I'm quite busy thinkin on what to wear for CCD at the office. Its already wednesday morning and I cant still think of anything. Anyhoo, gotta run! still got a lot of things to do on my list sleep, look for clothes, haircut and maybe color. Here's a pic of David Boreanaz to make up for this boring post *LoL..bribery always works for me hehe...
P.S. I might be posting a pic of me wearin my costume for tonight...Still thinkin about it though hehe...

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Monday, August 15, 2005


OMG! cant stand the AC here at the office, its like on full blast that im havin frostbites already...Anyhoo, Im'a submit my resignation letter tonight and for the nth time i still have not finished that damn paper. I wish I had done this two weeks earlier so I dont get to play anime character cum CARTOON CHARACTER DAY this wednesday. I dont know where they came up with this shit since its like way too early for Haloween. They made sure that if you dont comply you arrive not in business casual but business professional.Tshirts with cartoon character prints are not allowed so you have to like do the whole works, those bastards (read: the bosses) just wanna make sure that they dont wear those costumes all by themselves. In a way its gotta be fun though if you look at the bright side of it. Last saturday I asked Polo on what he will wear for the event, he said that his gonna don ala tinkerbell costume. It would be every crossdresser's dream I told him. I still cant figure out what to wear, Im not an anime geek whatsoever so Im not really good at details for this one. One things for sure though no way im gonna go as George Jetson or Fred Flinstone. I want ANIME because its way edgy than Hanna Barbera. Im thinkin maybe Vash Stampede look, hmmmm....

I called Paul last night at 11:00 to wake him up and after four missed calls he finally answered the phone. What was funny was that he went to sleep again and he came into work about 6am. He's heading off to Bohol right now for some much needed rest. Enjoy sweepee! To Mikey, im green with envy too =(


This is a late post coz i was so freakin sleepy last sunday. Marvin and I met at Coffee Experience at around 7:00 and as usual the place was packed given that it was gimmick night. I vented all my frustrations at Marvin hehe good thing I have a friend that listen to all my yapping. We talked about almost anything and exchanged jokes and in a way it did make me feel well. About 9PM I begged Marvin that we go party at Malate so we went back home so that I could change clothes. We crashed at galpal's place first to while away time because it was too early to go party. We arrived at NYC at around 2:00 am and I looked for my friend Polo who frequents the place every saturday night. Marvin cruised the Malate strip and left me for maybe 3 hours or so. So I was there drinking and dancing with Polo and his friends. Malate was devoid of cuteness that time that I concluded that all of them where in hibernation. But I couldnt care nonetheless since I was there to have fun anyways. It was just fun to see a throng of boys dancing with each other to Spice Girls, Kylie, Beyonce hits. We went home at 6:00 and we were laughin so hard because we were murdering Bamboo's song "NOYPI" changing it to the lyrics... "Hoy juding ako buo aking loob at berde ang dugo, Hoy juding ako berde ang dugo ko wwooooohhh......"

SHOUTOUTS: Thanks to all my peeps for the virtual hugs and comments on my last post. I'm so touched *sniff sniff...dont worry im OK now! =)

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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Im really bored today and mega depressed at the same time. Im quitting my job and I really dont know what to do next. Sure gonna miss my friends and officemates. Im thinkin about heading back to cebu this early or wait till december. Its my off and Im thinkin about just partying tonight or have some coffee or something just to alleviate all of the stress im feelin right now. I need a HUG so bad...... = (

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ERIC BALFOUR photo spreads from FLAUNT magazine. You might remember him playing as Kemper in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre alongside Jessica Biel. He is also in a band called Fred Alba. If you wanna see those pics just let me know. I have to say that whether its studio shots or live, he is extremely HOT! whew!
famousmales forums

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Any of you fantasizing about Colin Farrell being BI??? I dunno if this could happen in real life, at least we could get to picture him doing orals and i think he's good at it haha. This was for an interview from his last movie Alexander.When the all male crew was alone in the desert with no women around, he was asked what did the guys do for fun. In response, Colin simply simulated that they jerked-off and gave each other blow-jobs. Big O's for bad boy fanatics out there LoL....

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Friday, August 12, 2005


I love beer especially our very own red horse in the PI...But I came upon this really really kewl commercial from Down Under for Carlton Draught beer. Its such a funny ad and I give props to the director Paul Middleditch , its like one mini movie...It cost more than $1.5 Million and was shot in New Zealand. If you wanna check what I'm talking about CLICK HERE and if you cant get enough of it and wanna sing along here are the lyrics *lol:

It's a big ad!
Very big ad!
It's a big ad we're in!
It's a big ad!
My God it's big!
Can't believe how big!
For Carlton Draught!It's just so freaking huge!
It's a big ad!
Expensive ad!
This ad better sell some blooooooody beer !

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Just got off from work but for some reason I still dont wanna go home...I still have work later though so I decided to just go online and update all my stuff here on the net...Im quite happy though I get to talk to somebody that I have known for the past (*counting) 6 days...His name is Paul and I know he'd get to read this post (waaahhh! hiya ako LoL)...I saw his pic from Mike's blog and thought that he looks cute, so I asked my friend about him. Mike suggested that I email him and so I did and being the slut that I am I left my YM id and phone number. Last friday he called me up on my cellie just as I got on the bus on my way to Alabang. We hit it off right away and we've been calling each other from then on. I dont know whats going on between us, special bond? platonic? i dunno...He is in Cebu and Im here in Manila so I think we'd see each other maybe 4 months from now. In a way its a nice thing though since we'd get to know each other better. I'd like to try out something that has stronger foundation other than the usual shag-at the first- meetup-then-relationship kind of thing.
BTW, Its his birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!

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Friday, August 05, 2005



Its a friday and I just got my paycheck, YAY!...I went to Mcdo to have my breakfast and After I spent four hours on the net I fetched my clothes from the laundromat. I went to SM north after that...I didnt know that a Hanes tank top, low waist jeans and flip flops could be so chic. I feel like Im wearin a designer suit though I am certainly not overdrdressed for the place. The reason why Im sayin this is that a lot of guys have been staring at me kc for some obvious reasons (delicious pala me kahit alang gym, LOL)... I tried hard not to spend on clothing though there were a lot of good finds from F&H and also lots of discounted goods at Bodyshop.
I just bought a copy of the new Icon ish with Brent Javier on the cover...I like the last ish as compared to this one, just my opinion though...Brent does look good on the cover...I've finished two pugad baboy comics (Brosia is my favorite), countless ish of FHM amd Cosmo mags last night...

I decided to log back in and to my surprise a friend from friendster has finally got the mystery solved...Though I made sure that I dont have my real profile posted here because of obvious reasons, somehow he did figure out who I am despite the blog name FALLEN ANGEL. WWAAAAHHH! I feel so naked more like Spiderman without the mask... Props to you friend! I still think your a bitch though...love yah!

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Yay!!! you can upload 25 profile pics on your friendster account...Its heaven for narcissistic friendster addicts like me. I opened up my friendster because I've been looking for a college friend. I've been on the net for 2 hours lookin over my friends list just for this one person...It was crazy because I have like 452 friends on my list and I have to sort them out one by one. (*memo to myself delete some unknown peeps on my friends list)...I tried user search but could you imagine how many Kristine Garcias are there? 173...


I am sure you have read this on your bulletin boards "Please add me on my 8th account and leave some testi pls."...The nerve! To be honest I cant even manage 450 people on my account, so much more eight friendster accounts. If my friends list would reach about 500, Im gonna downsize it and delete some that I really dont know...That why its called friendster not STRANGERSTER...corny ko noh!


There are also peeps who would ask for addups with no profile pics at all. I really dont add them up, whats the point in making friends with somebody who you dont see...I was able to get in touch with my friends way back from elementray and college. Bless the person who came up with this networking site. Such a genius!!!


I've been a member since Decemeber 2003. I didnt have any idea at that time what Friendster was, til I got connected with a call center in Ortigas. Everybody was like swapping emails and stuff for add ups and I was like "what the fuck is friendster?". Yah! I admit it I was such a dork that time, but guess what Im a friendstar now...LOL

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Thursday, August 04, 2005


One month has passed and I've been enjoying postin blogs here. To all peeps who have been visiting my blog and lovin the pics, this is my way of sayin mad props to you all!!!! FEAST for the eyes!

*image credits: promo pic for the play PENIS TALKS

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I have this account on Filipnofriendfinder.com, i rarely open it. I have a pic posted there on my profile and havent outed myself there...for some reason all the ppl thats interested in me are all guys ...There is this one guy who has been messaging me for quite some time now askin for meet up...I didnt quite understand his last reply, all I can say he is such a DRAMA QUEEN!

here are the excerpts:

his reply:

O.K. ka dude.....giving number if its openlly givin is nice but having dot on the last number ur telling me to scram... k. thanks for the time hope u can find a perfect match for u... goodluck and Godbless.again thank you

my message:

hi sorry for the late reply...i rarely open my account here...here are my digits 0922350****...just txt me up

Dunno whats up with him...lucky me! the meetup didnt push thru otherwise im IN for bigger surprises...I hate dramas pa naman...

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Peter Ho - Bench's newest endorser...something to watch out for...REAL SEXY!!!!

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I've been bummin around for the last 3 days already...

I've been doing online applications and chatting up with my friends through YM...I'm planning to do walkins maybe tomorrow or friday...

No time for MIRC, the ppl there sucks...all they ask for is meetups, one night stands...God, cant you get a sensible person to talk to anymore...

Im so bored right now...Im about to bang my head against the wall...

I've been listening to MYMP, Hale, Nina...

Koreanovela marathon....Cant get enuf of those koreanovelas, they're the BEST! Dunno they always have this kilig factor...

A middleaged neighbor was like out of the house on boxers...WTF! I know its really chic to have innerwear as outerwear (D&G), and low waist pants are so in right now... but man he is such an EYESORE! If he's Marc Nelson or Borgy thats another story...

im just so bored! senxia na peeps...

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Monday, August 01, 2005

DIRRTY - Sexiest Vid Ever

Dirrty - Xtina Aguilera's controversial video was voted by music fans as the sexiest video ever. Done by an online poll by FHM Music TV. It attracted about a huge 150,000 votes. The much talked about video shows Christina flaunting it in buttless chaps and grinding it with well-oiled muscle men in a boxing ring.

FHM Music TV spokeswoman Vikki Timmons said of the winning video: "David LaChapelle created this erotic masterpiece in a sweaty boxing ring. Dirrty oozes sex appeal from start to finish. Christina is one of the sexiest women in music.It was a tough decision for the public to make but I think few would dispute the winner."

Here's the full LIST:
  1. Christina Aguilera's Dirrty
  2. Eric Prydz's Call On Me
  3. Benny Benassi's Satisfaction
  4. NERD's Lapdance
  5. tATu's All The Things She Said
  6. Madonna's Justify My Love
  7. Kylie Minogue's Spinning Around
  8. Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker
  9. Britney Spears' Toxic
  10. Narcotic Thrust's I Like It

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Im so stressed right now that I need to stare at this pic for a whole day maybe....Haaayy!!!!

image credits: iconmag.ph

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Been listening to Nicky Holland's song "I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself" sems like thats what im really feelin right now. Everything is just so messed up! I dont like my work, everything is fucked up on the career department. Its my first year with the comapany tomorrow and i just wanna get out. I dunno know what to do with my current relationship, I dont like being tied down. I just wanna breathe, I like the love and attention and all that... but not too much attention you know what I mean. Im so fuckin stressed out, I can take it any longer...Everything is so messed up that I just wanna run away from it all...AAAaarrggghh!
What to do? what to do????? HELP!!!!
To sum it all up i wanna quit my job, dont have my career path planned out, dont know what to do with my lovelife...This is the slowmotion trainwreck called my LIFE ladies and gentlemen...

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