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Monday, April 24, 2006



My supervisor was kind enough to load 909 songs on my Ipod. He's a real gadget freak and carries his Apple Ibook G4 with him everytime. He currently has 13,000 songs on his playlist. I asked for all Hed Kandi and Cafe del Mar albums, etc. since he has all of them complete on his playlist. Im so big on Pinoy Rock songs right now and I've been listening to Kjwan, Spongecola and Brownman Revival the whole day.

My schedule sucks BIG time. Our team schedule changed and from weekends my offs are now mondays and tuesdays. Like who goes out on these days?...This is my first time in six years to spend summer here in Cebu and was looking forward to my first Jamaican Nights (though my friends think its so High School). I was stuck at the office instead...

I've been gaining some weight and inches on my waistline and this is not really a great time for that since I've been hitting the beach a lot. I was feelin a bit awkward on boardshorts last Sunday. So I decided I'm gonna go on a no rice diet and I'm already on my 5th day (YAY!). Before my shift I dropped by at Wheat & Greens in Ayala and bought my lunch. I ordered Saucy Beef sandwich, Macaroni salad and Mixed Fruit juice...Healthy living eto!!!

Bitch Fit

I was browsing on the net and out of boredom just entered searches on Google and see what would come up. I stumbled upon an old friend's (or should I say ex-friend, whatever) blog. I read an entry (Nov 2005) about me being all this and that. It's just funny how somebody can diss you on their blog and not actually dish it out on your face. If you have beef with me I'd appreciate it if you tell it straight to my face. It looks like he is so affected with the things that I do. And he is not even involved for crying out loud.

Friendly advice dude, before you check on somebody's dirt better clean up your act first, ok?...

Before you talk about being pathetic and lumiliit ang mundo and whatnot...I think there's nuthin more pathetic than being somebody's boy on the side and tryin to compete with the real BF and the other sidelines. So dont come out clean and start preachin on me, ok...

I cant really please everybody but EEEEWWWW! look who's talking?!!??...

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hi sexy. hahahhaha!

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