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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I cant do this anymore, that's why no cam whorin 4 me...LoL =D

I dunno what's happening with me, I feel like I'm gaining some pounds again. Neil, my officemate said that I'm gaining some weight and Lannie also told me to trim down. Feeling your fat is OK but when everyone is saying the same thing that's another story. I dont get to have eight hours of sleep, only on my days off. Im havin breakouts also and I dunno whats causin this. Its been months since I drank alcohol and I dont go to parties anymore...Im at my ugliest! boohoo...My mom says ang laki na daw ng mukha ko, gusto ko ng chiseled cheeks just like Zoolander's (LoL)...

One thing's for sure I gotta do something. Its been a year and still I cant get my lazy ass to a gym. Siguro jogging muna, try ko...we'll see peeps...

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