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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


AArrrGGGhhh!!! my roomie is on topak mode....dont know whats up with this bitch! tinotopak na naman...he's givin me the cold shoulder even though we hardly see each other...Bahala sya!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


aviators: loves it!

Still shooting for Pepsi international campaign outside of Capitol Records.....She's on FIRE...whew!

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Friday, October 14, 2005


Shooting a Pepsi ad in Malibu

My girl Xtina just switched teams. Despite admitting that she has been a Coke drinker all her lifeand shoting for an international ad campaign for the soda company. She just shot an ad for rival Pepsi slated for an inter national release also. She does look HOT on that bikini and feathered tiara. Im a Coke drinker myself but i still love her. Here's the article:


STUNNING Christina Aguilera has added another few feathers to her cap - and it's got nothing to do with her pop career.

The award-winning star sported this extravagant headgear as she filmed a new Pepsi ad.

But although the feathered tiara caught the eye, it was the Dirrty singer's sexy swimsuit and sarong that sent temperatures soaring on the Malibu beach in California.

Life couldn't be better for American diva Aguilera, 24. She is engaged to record producer Jordan Bratman and is recording a new album, set for release next spring

Source: Daily Record

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Bad hair day!

I just received this from bigdaddy BRUCE today. I have always been associated with Rob Schneider since day 1 because of his being manwhore, hebitch, etc...It was when I came in late for training and our American trainor Erik asked me to dance the latest craze at that time Ocho-Ocho. Americans...always amazed how we come up with those type of songs (sheesh!). As I remember I did joke about taking my shirt off in class while singing the song hence the stripperman/manwhore namesake.

As for the Gigolo sequel, I've already watched it. It relied heavily on shlapstick comedy but nevertheless it still made me laugh being the shallow person that I am. I do like how Schneider makes fun of what he lacks physically as an instrument in making his audience laugh. One thing to watch out for the woman with a penis for a nose, You don't wana know what happens when she sneezes. I still think HOT CHICK was his best movie ever

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Monday, October 10, 2005


Pau and Sly

with Low, Marvin and Sly

the breakfast/saturday club peeps on the stairs

Dickie wearing a moss green top and Row (signature white pants) w/ his drink way up at the top

I went out with my friends last Saturday night at BED's closing party. Too bad they're gonna be closing out for two weeks because of renovations. My friends and I were thinking where will we go next Saturday night since our fave party place will be closed for two weeks. I was late that night, I arrived at about quarter to twelve that I almost missed the open bar. Freeloader?!? who the hell cares, at least when I get up with a hangover I've got a smile on my face because I get to be "shenglot" for free hehe. It was a fun filled night though at first my night was ruined because of two reasons. One, a friend just mentioned about some crap. I was on bitch/asshole mode (you take your pick), to cut the story short he insinuated that I still have hangups on one of our friends. Which is not the case and he could do whatever he wants, thank you very much!...But I do still love you PAU!...Second, I didnt eat dinner and after downing smirnoffs and nightmare I had an upset stomach. I had to go out an eat something just to alleviate that burning feeling down my stomach. I meet peeps from FAB like Mark and Low. We were dancing til 5:00 in the morning which was more fun because we had the whole dancefloor to ourselves. We ended up in Silya with our post gimmick breakfast and videoke. I had a splitting headache when I got to bed that morning.

SHOUTOUTS>>>> HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Marvin Garcia aka Voltaire...thanks for bein there and listening for me though Im eally not for sure if you were there to listen or to just get on the "dirt" (LoL, Im just joking). A million thank you's for always listening to my rants, frustrations, stupidity (minsan lang naman) whether be it on YM or in person. Wish you happiness, health and peace of mind. Happy Birthday again and dowenlink was down so I had to post my greetings on the bulletin earlier....

TO THE BREAKFAST/SATURDAY CLUB peeps: I had FUN last Saturday night.... lookin forward to the slumber party slash QAF and scrabble marathon next weekend...see yah!

image credits: doc tony's photosite

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Monday, October 03, 2005


I went out with the gang last saturday night at BED...It was major fun that night though it was devoid of cuteness (I'm not exaggerating ok?) as compared to last saturday.The gang was on "angel mode" (go figure!) that night. Everybody was feelin the 40 days 40 nights pledge that Sly claims he is about to finish come next week. Guess what! yesterday, on my 9th day I failed. Its just not for me.

image credits: doc tony's photosite

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