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Sunday, April 01, 2007


I just got my tattoo today. Ive been meaning to have this done for more than two years already but I just didnt have the guts just yet. It so happened that I went with Neil and Talia who were going to have their tatts done. So in such random fashion, I decided to have mine also. Ralph of Needlepoint did my tattoo and the guy was really good. The experience was amazing, I thought that it would really hurt like make-me-cry pain but it was bearable and for some weird reason it was addicting. I had a tribal phoenix design on my upper back while Neil went for a barcode design down his nape. Talia opted for a colorful and intricate yin yang design. So far I'm happy with the results...

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Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm not the type who hold grudges with anybody. The shoutout on my friendster profile ("To err is human, to get even now that's Divine") is just a phrase that I've taken from an American TV series; it does makes sense though. I do not promote violence in any way and this might sound so ghetto but whooping somebody's ass feels good as a way of getting even. Let's just say all of my anger was translated into different shades of blue and purple on somebody's face. Seriously, I did regret it in a way but I can't help saying "Hell yeah!" after the incident. So to that other person out there dont provoke me cause I'm gonna go hurt you....I just realized getting physical is way better than bitching out.

Don't worry peeps I'm not gonna go Pacquiao on anybody I see...LoL


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Its been a long time since my last post. I totally abandoned my blogpost for reasons: 1) too busy 2) preoccupied with everything (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink) 3) Most of whats happening to me right now is very personal and I dont feel like bringin my dirty laundry in public. How I wish it was like before when this blog was totally anonymous. Before it was "so-in-your-face" that I can post anything I like and what I feel. I felt like giving up on blogging but like I said many times before this has always been my form of emotional catharsis. Now that a lot of things are going BAD, I felt like posting again just to vent out. I thought I would not be posting anymore but Im taking that back...

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Sunday, June 25, 2006


This maybe a little late, but i wanna still have a birthday post. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me...Where are my gifts peeps?!?

I turned 24 yesterday and im still not getting used to that fact hehe. The last year had been a great ride. Ive learned a lot of things that made me become a better person. Looking forward to another year. My wish is just to become happy, have a peace of mind and good health for me and my loved ones. Just some of the things that money cant buy....

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Monday, June 05, 2006


Do yo thang honaaay!

I'm, sorry for my blog not being updated for weeks. Didn't really have anything to write about other than my life is getting boring and boring everyday. I just spend my days at work or at home when its my day off. Well last friday I did watch Manay Po because Reggie my friend keeps on insisting about it. It was a good laugh, what do you expect from a gay comedy movie. John Pratts was so funny he reminds me of my officemate Ron with his actuations. Which made me say that he was really effective with the character. Though I find the beginning of the movie a ripoff of Ai Ai delas Alas' Tanging Ina.

Paul called me up on my mobile while I was at work. Asking if I could go with him and Mikey for a night out. Sayang!!! I have a shift....

Kai arrived last night from Bangkok, he is in Manila up until thursday. At least things are looking up for me here this next few weeks. He went out with my flatmates in Manila, why is everybody out on a Sunday night and I'm stuck here at work.

"Ain't No Other Man" (check it out here) Christina Aguilera's first single from her new album 'Back To Basics' was leaked in the US last June 1 and has now been released to Australian radio early. I got to preview the song before it hits record stores here in the P.I.. I share the same opinion from most of Team Xtina that its funky, fresh and different from what you usually hear on the radio. Supposedly the world premiere for the single was supposed to be at the MTV Movie Awards on June 8 where she is scheduled to perform. Can't wait to get a hold of a copy.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I cant do this anymore, that's why no cam whorin 4 me...LoL =D

I dunno what's happening with me, I feel like I'm gaining some pounds again. Neil, my officemate said that I'm gaining some weight and Lannie also told me to trim down. Feeling your fat is OK but when everyone is saying the same thing that's another story. I dont get to have eight hours of sleep, only on my days off. Im havin breakouts also and I dunno whats causin this. Its been months since I drank alcohol and I dont go to parties anymore...Im at my ugliest! boohoo...My mom says ang laki na daw ng mukha ko, gusto ko ng chiseled cheeks just like Zoolander's (LoL)...

One thing's for sure I gotta do something. Its been a year and still I cant get my lazy ass to a gym. Siguro jogging muna, try ko...we'll see peeps...

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this AXE underwear commercial is very suggestive, funny and is definitely sexy....

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Beach Bums

with Mommy Era, Sigrid and Bianca

We had our company summer outing at Tambuli last Monday. I finished an 8 hour shift that started on Sunday night 7pm, went home and slept for an hour, had breakfast and shower and went to Ayala to meet up with Sigrid. We have to buy food and groceries for the beach. It was a relief since it was really a bummer working on weekends, your stuck in the office and everybody is partying. It seems like there's this big L stuck on your forehead. For one thing it was my day off and made sure that I made the most out of it though I really need some sleep. It was fun being on the beach, getting some tan and swam the whole day as if I had an eight hour sleep. I've was making fun of Mommy Era since she was like under the sun for almost three hours and she still couldn't get an even tan.

I got a henna tattoo inked on my left arm and it looks really nice. I've been considering getting a permanent one, I just dont have the balls for it right now. He had dinner and there was this reggae band who played and we danced like there's no tomorrow. My shirt was soaking wet that night. I have to say that I had a great time though I was like a walking zombie at 10 pm....

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