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Saturday, July 30, 2005


I met my girlfriends with Marv at Ministop Malate at around 10:30 pm...As always I was late hehe. It was friday night and Malate Strip was not as crowded. We decided to just spend the whole night at Common Ground. Marv didn't go with us because he had to meet up with somebody. I did keep my promise though, I did behave. As if I had any choice we were at a straight crowd's joint. I didnt get to flirt with anybody but all in all it was quiet alright. I did have some fun, dancing to hiphop, rnb and reggae tunes til morning.
There were some cute guys but they're straight and I'm really not well versed on "How to Seduce a Straight Guy 101". I was just looking at this certain guy who was wearing a black shirt and too bad for me he had a girlfriend in tow. He exudes this badboy persona (FYI: Im into badboys than pretty boys...). His friend was hitting on my bestfriend and little did I know that he just met the girl that night. Funny thing is that he's been swapping spit with her the whole night and we heard him ask the girl " what's your name again?". Though I think that was so pathetic, I have to say ang haba ng hair nya!
We went out of CG at around 3:00 am and stayed at a nearby resto for some ice tea and more chika to make up for lost time. We went to Roxas Blvd and continued with the chika, my bestfriend had to leave at 7:00 am because she had to go to work (tibay diba!). We took more pics of ourselves and later went to Mcdonalds for breakfast.
*Alvin Alfonso on the pic

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Friday, July 29, 2005


Its my off for the next two days...I just cant contain myself, finally free from the confines of the workplace...Everything SUCKS at work bigtime. It would be two days free from irate callers and customers who signs up for internet service who doesnt have any idea what a browser is. I just wanna get rid of this stress that I've been experiencing the last five days. Its the 29th and tonight I'm gonna be going out with my friends, have dinner and maybe go to Malate afterwards. As much as possible I would try to behave and I dont wanna go too far. I wont make a promise but ill try my very best *lolz...Its fighting temptations night tonight... ^__^

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I'm lovin it!

Butch just unveiled their Fall 2005 Collection and I'm lovin it. They dont have distribution here so there's not much that I can do other than drool over their clothes and to my consolation their models. I like the dark brown sweats, leather jacket and their trunks, I have this thing for trunks and undies...FETISH!...And in the tradition of using hot models to strutt their stuff, they featured two skinhead models...shaved head is just so SEXY....
If you wanna check out more of their stuff, click on the link : BUTCH Fall 2005 Collection
* FRANZ....this post is for you since you told me that you love my blog because of the BOYS...haha! Enjoy!
* Thanks to the peeps who have been visiting my blog, thanks for the comments....

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


One of my TO DO things...

Its a year now since I last hit the gym...No excercise, nuthin. My schedule has been so hectic lately that the only thing that I get to do after work is sleep. During my days off either I go malling (shopping is my exercise *lolz) , go to the club, or just sleep the whole day. The only exercise that I know is shopping, where I walk Yeah! I admit I am leading the couch potato life. I love to eat and good thingI have a fast metabolism so I dont really get fat. My friends and I have been planning on playing badminton thrice a week. I am interested in enrolling in a boxing class or going to the gym. Getting bulky is not my priority, its more of getting rid of this stubborn fat on my midsection. I mean who doesnt like a to die for-Marc Nelson-abs...I am planning to hit the gym next month. I hope I get to accomplish this, good luck to me.
*Nicky Teerakon on the pic

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


This guy is my crush of the moment Jerry Huang Zhi Wei aside from Chris Evans of course. I just caught a glimpse of this new series on ABS-CBN entitled 101st Proposals and he plays as one of the leads. Man look at those lips...

Image Credits: http://asianfanatics.net

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L mag

I just bought the latest ish of L mag (mentioned on previous post) just this weekend. I bought it at a magazine shop in Glorrieta not minding the store clerk. I could just imagine the million dollar question running at the back of his mind. What would a so-straight-looking guy do with a magazine full of naked men?..Well, I dont know the guy so I didnt give a flying fuck to what he was thinking. As long as I have my hands on the goodies *lolz. I have to give it to the editor and staff, great spreads especially the ones by Raymund Isaac. The whole day monday I was reading the mag and I was like cracking up with this certain gay's entry printed out from his blogger page. He was so animated and funny though I really dont understand the gay lingo that well despite of my sexuality.
If you wanna check the entry out click on the link: 1 GAY + 1 GAY = 2 GAYS

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My friend Marv was at the Shang last night to meet up with his textmate. I reallly didnt have any idea that he was flirting with somebody through SMS. I was on my way to the laundry shop to fetch my clothes, when he texted me that he saw Borgy Manotoc at a boutique. I could somehow imagine how he lusted and drooled after him after reading his text message. More like vicarious experience I should say. I hurriedly replied and ask him to like take a snapshot of him using his Sony Erricson camera phone. My ultra discreet bi friend replied that it might be too obvious that he is lusting after him, haha.... The tease! .
Later that night, I asked him what happened with his date. He told me that he just went home alone instead because his date just couldn't keep his hands off him. I texted him back and told him WTF is wrong with him and if he is like playing Marv the VIRGIN or something. He told me that there was nuthin wrong with the guy actually he was good looking and smells good. He just can take his date's raging hormones, he was like telling me the guy was like kissing and groping him and they're still at the Shang at that time.
I was like kidding Marv that he could've just passed his date on to me and I could have worked things out for him (*winks) . I think my friend is growing up and has gone past that "foolin around" stage, I think (Marv, is this for real?!?)... But anyhow, its definitely a plus if you get to know the person first before the groping session starts *lol. Somehow thinking about sex alone would lose all possibilities of taking it to the next level. At any rate it all boils down to what really is your motivation for hooking up with someone. If its just a casual fuck or for the long term fuck err, relationship I mean...

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Thank GOD its friday! grabe...I went out with my straight friends and had one helluva good time. We went to this KTV and sang to our hearts content while guzzling bottles of San Mig Light. I dont have any voice anymore, I dunno what will happen to me when I get back to work. I had my throat worn out (no pun intended) because of singing and drinking ice cold beer all at the same time. Just got home and I'm so sleepy already, 4:42am on my clock...Good morning everybody...

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My friend Bebs likes to pretend that were like in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship when we go out. She's got everybody convinced especially her friends that were like together. We went malling and she was on it again playing as my "girlfriend". It was so funny because we saw these two guys and she really find them gorgeous. She was appalled when she saw that the guys' stares were fixed at me and not on her. Though she knows that I play both sides of the field she still cant believe what she had just witnessed. I told her that its not new to me anymore, I can sense gays or bi's with just one look at them not even considering that my major in college was involved in the study of behavior. It takes one to know one.After that incident, she told me that somehow developed her "gaydar" as in 50,000 megawatts. I told her thats what you get with hangin out with me. Same thing happened to my bestfriend that she said "Tangina tol, lahat yata ng lalake nakikita ko Bi"...I retaliated "maparanoid daw ba?"...


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Friday, July 22, 2005


I was talking to Marv while he was working on his presentation for Saturday. I asked him this question if he tried doing the deed with a straight guy. Not gay or Bi but a full blooded straight man, he told me that he did and the guy was married. He met the guy at a mall and they decided to do it after that. I retaliated that if he was like there for meet up, I think that classifies him as Bi. But i dont know...If a straight guy sleeps with you, logic follows that he is converted to the Bisexual Cult, right?!?...Or is it just they have this way of conditioning their psyche that they are sleeping with their wives or girlfriends while you're going down on them.


Speaking of the sexual psyche, I also asked my friend if did it ever came to a point that while doing it he was thinking of somebody else. He told me it happened when the person he was sleeping with had a close resemblance from somebody who was significant to him. It happened to me when I met this guy named Winston, he looks like Marc Abaya of Kjwan but more buff though. I felt like I was doing "IT" with Marc who I've been fantasizing since his Sandwich days.

This is where the guilt part comes in. I did it with my current flame and I was thinking about this guy, his name is Sonny Boi. And because of that, it was like WHOAH! the big "O" was longer...haha...At any rate, I think everybody is guilty of this sin; men, women, straight or bi. Men might be thinkin about Paris Hilton or Anna Kournikova while going at it with their wives. And even Carrie Bradshaw, she might be thinkin about Mr. Big while doing it with Adan before. Its everybody's SIN.... *winks

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I ate nuthin but pizza and burgers the whole day yesterday. Didnt eat any rice whatsoever. I was like so hungry that I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and rushed to Philcoa. I decided to eat at Jollibee because they have like breakfast meals there. I just have to eat rice! Cant live without it...Typical filipino me haha....

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Hunks Work Shop

Daisen, Shinomiya, Ise and Nikuura

Nikuura...HOTTIE! i wish he was a real person >lol<


I just checked on this website and it features this new game in japan called HUNKS WORK SHOP...The characters are really HOT though they're just cartoons...Nikuura is so cute! lolz!

If you wanna check it out, CLICK HERE

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Here is a pic of Christina Aguilera from an AIDS awareness campaign ad. Stunning!

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Its 7:00am the end of another hell-ish shift. I've been staring at the glass window of the 27th floor office and its been raining outside. I decided to stay to browse the net and pass the time. Remember that Harry Potter I mentioned from the previous post, I downloaded the zip file already haha!....30 MS word files equivalent to 30 chapters. My love for pirated items, lolz...But I'm still gonna get the book nuthin beats the original and everything is in full detail. Can't wait for the showing of the 4th installment of HP, I saw the trailer when I watched Fantastic Four.

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As i was like going over my old magazines and stuff, I found my copy of Lexy, Nance & Argus: SEX, GODS, ROCK & ROLL...story that focuses on friendship, love and gender identity... I showed it to my friend Marv and he brought it home and guess what his room mates loved it. he said the next day that his roomie Gilbert and his friend Marco liked the comic book. I told him he might want to show them my Cosmo 69 Bachelor centerfolds for 2004 also *lolz. And check if they would like it and make them converts. FYI: Marv's friends doesnt have any inkling that we are chickboys. Go figure!

Guess what?! I also stumbled upon the author Oliver blogger page...Blogosphere, what a small world!

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This is alarming. Personal information in passports can now be accessedonline due to the globalized screening of entries and exits oftravelers in most if not all countries. Schengen, American, AsianandAustralian data base have been accessed to get the necessary informationonpassport holders.What's more disturbing is, there are no security measures to accessthesite, meaning EVERYONE can just search for info regarding any passportholder, one just has to type the name and country of citizenship. Ifyouare a passport holder try to access this site and you will be stunned:


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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I just checked on my yahoo mail early this morning after I ended my shift. I was surprised to see that I have like 4,047 unread messages on my inbox. I figured my time would be wasted on deleting spam messages from these yahoogroups. I dont know with these peeps why they debate on gloriagate scandal, network wars on email. Its a total waste of mailbox space, good thing yahoo upgraded their storage capacity to 1GB. But anyways, though most of them are junk you get to pick up some funny and interesting stuff. There is this YUAN who's very pissed off, he did some nude show on webcam and one of his chatmates did some screenshots and passed it around thru email. I did see his pics alright kinda cute and well hung hehe. But one thing leads to another he should've thought about this prior to showing off his ass on the internet.

There is also an ad about L magazine's third issue and on the cover are Bim Cecilio, William Thio and Jerome Ocampo of Viva Hot Men. I think photos were done by Raymund Isaac. Another was a download link for a zip file of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince spoilers. Too bad because a lot of people are downloading the files so it gave me an error to just download at a later time. The consequences of acquiring pirated copies * lolz, its just a spoiler though not the whole book itself... Im a bit of a cheapskate, I do admit that...tihee

Some spoilers: (do not proceed if you do not wish to know)

1. The Half-Blood Prince is actually a professor atHogwarts.
2. One of Ron's brothers will be bitten by a werewolf.
3. A new (moving) portrait will be added at theHeadmaster's Office towards the end of the book.
4. The forbidden curse was performed at this book.
5. Harry had a girlfriend, but short-lived. He decidedto split up with her at the end (ala-Spiderman, heroic ek-ek, don't want to be known/suffer because of him)
6. One of Hagrid's creature friends died.
7. The 'Felix Felicis' bonus-chapter name mentioned before is actually a potion that can make you "lucky"(longevity varies).

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I was browsing over the net and checked on this site for Brazilian streetwear label called Butch. Really sexy sweats and shirts and I also dig the Butch logo. I really like their underwear collection, I have this fetish for underwear especially the ones that come in funky designs and colors. I just wish they have distribution here in the Philippines....

If you wanna check their whole collection CLICK HERE

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Shem an online buddy from Downelink had been flirting with me over the phone and thru email. This whole thing started after I saw him outside BED after the White Party held in Malate last month. After two weeks of exchanging messages with each other, he asked me if I was available on a saturday night. I told him that I dont have any plans and so we decided to meet up. During that two weeks of flirting he asked me if Im with somebody. Though I am, I told him that I am single at the moment (Yeah! I know Im bad!). My boyfie posted on the chatterbox section of my profile and I think he read it coz on that saturday night he never responded to any of my messages. Little did I know that he deleted me already from his friends' list. The main reason that I was like hooking up with somebody was that I was not really sure about my boyfie at that time and I also met him at that White Party night.

Here's the catch. He dated my friend Jake and he was really expecting something more than just plain sex. I dunno if Jake was into deep with Shem but based on the conversation that we had I think he had fallen on false expectations. In short Shem was interested on play and nothing else. Jake never really mentioned his name while he was confiding in me. The only clue that he gave was that the person was on my friends list. The way that I knew that they were dating was because of the testimonials they had posted on each other's pages, mentioning White party and stuff. Of course I didnt tell Jake that his guy was flirting with me. I was like playing god at this point or more of having a clear vantage point of the whole situation.

To Shem: rule of karma, what goes around comes around....To Jake: you really dont deserve the person...In a way, I know my intentions were bad at first (landi ko kse) but I think it did serve its purpose. Pretty soap opera-ish huh?

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I have been kind of bored and busy lately. Dont have much anything to post except that Im tired and I wanna sleep most of the time *ZZZzzzZZZzzzz hehe...just to fill up my blog, here are HOT pics of my crush of the moment chris evans...scorchin hot!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Blonde Ambition

I think its time for a new look . I had my head shaved for about a year now. Though everybody is like saying that it suits me, I'm bored with it! I think after two months or so and I have like my hair thick, Im gonna color it either yellowish or platinum blonde. Im so digging Bernard Palanca's hair right now and I'm dying with envy. Hell! if he can get away with it so can I. I've grown my hair long, shaved head, clean cut, curly locks and its blonde that I havent done yet. I cant wait for two months but I dont think its possible to bleach my hair this short. After I got that done, I'm gonna be working on my tan.

No Sat Night Party

Its been like three straight weeks since I last went barhopping. My friend Polo who frequents BED and NYC every Saturday night, is like asking where have I been lately and thatI've been missing a lot. He also told me prior to going there that he went to an orgy party consisting of 23 participants. He was like texting me cbecause he had an extra invite and I just said "No, thank you. I'm fine with what I have. I cant even keep up with what we call "menage a trois" how much more an orgy party. But seriously, I'm an intimate person and I'd rather keep my partner to myself. Another thing I've been hybernating lately, I have to catch some rest and some quality time with Jhay. I've been busy also with moving at my new place and there are a lot of adjustments that I have to go through. Have to pay some rent with the new house and my phone bills. Two weeks more to go and I'm gonna be back!

*Bestfriend if you're reading this, we better not mess up our plans on the 29th or else I'll go crazy... BED here we come! lolz = p

How Smart is Your Right Foot?


This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep trying at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't.

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

I told you!! And there's nothing you can do about it.

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Friday, July 15, 2005


It was grocery day yesterday. I really dont buy food stuff since i dont know how to cook *lolz... Just the skin care and toiletries stuff that I need ...I was amazed when I looked at the toothpaste section there was Close Up flavalicious. Guess what the flavor is??? Its chocolate, I was like what?...Since when did chocolate and dental care come together. But anyhoo, I really like the chocolate taste while I brush my teeth...Weird but fun! Its more like grownup's kid toothpaste and take note its limited edition...I hope they would come up with Brent Javier flavalicious too. Yum!


Case of the Ex

My ex Owen called me up the other day. I was asleep at that time he called me and I was like so freakin tired that time that when I answered the phone I was my grumpy self. His voice was unfamiliar at first but when I realized it was him my tone changed. I was happy in a way, its been a long time since I last talked to him. Basically, its just funny how Ex's can be like friends after a bad break up. We were like talking about current flame, flirts and how we joke about our past relationship. One good thing though is that even if you didn't make it as a couple at least you get to keep that person as a friend. We talked for about an hour and a half. I guess were much more compatible as friends than as lovers.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I watched Fantastic 4 with my boyfie last weekend. One thing sure did caught my attention, my full attention if I may say; Chris Evans and no one else. He is so HOT!!! with a bod like that he should be called Mr. Fantastic instead. Funny thing is that its not only me, all of my gay and bi friends that have seen F4 just kept on mentioning on Chris. He is much more buff as compared to Cellular and Not Another Teen Movie days. Delicious is an understatement....*winks

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