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Monday, March 27, 2006


Check out the new Levi's ad campaign....

I wish somebody would buy me their 512 Low Boot jeans.... *drools*...its so fuckin TIGHT!!!

watch the Moonbathing TV ad....

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Monday, March 20, 2006


My supervisor called me up this morning to inform me about my new sked for the next two weeks and dress code for the night read: SUMMER/BEACH ATTIRE...My officemate Lannie asked me to call her mobile after she heard the news. Being the dress-down-hungry employees that we are, we talked about what to wear, color and all that stuff. Then came the bad news, Nardz called in the second time and said that no flip flops or shorts allowed. Immediate reaction: DUH!...This is gonna be a total BORE...My excitement deflated just like that...

Of course I was thinking of white tank top + linen pants + and flip flops. And there is no way that I'm gonna be channeling the Mayor Lito Atienza look, hawaiian floral prints are for board shorts only.

So sad, mura sya ug slumber party sleepwear not allowed...*grunts*

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