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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Beach Bums

with Mommy Era, Sigrid and Bianca

We had our company summer outing at Tambuli last Monday. I finished an 8 hour shift that started on Sunday night 7pm, went home and slept for an hour, had breakfast and shower and went to Ayala to meet up with Sigrid. We have to buy food and groceries for the beach. It was a relief since it was really a bummer working on weekends, your stuck in the office and everybody is partying. It seems like there's this big L stuck on your forehead. For one thing it was my day off and made sure that I made the most out of it though I really need some sleep. It was fun being on the beach, getting some tan and swam the whole day as if I had an eight hour sleep. I've was making fun of Mommy Era since she was like under the sun for almost three hours and she still couldn't get an even tan.

I got a henna tattoo inked on my left arm and it looks really nice. I've been considering getting a permanent one, I just dont have the balls for it right now. He had dinner and there was this reggae band who played and we danced like there's no tomorrow. My shirt was soaking wet that night. I have to say that I had a great time though I was like a walking zombie at 10 pm....

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