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Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm not the type who hold grudges with anybody. The shoutout on my friendster profile ("To err is human, to get even now that's Divine") is just a phrase that I've taken from an American TV series; it does makes sense though. I do not promote violence in any way and this might sound so ghetto but whooping somebody's ass feels good as a way of getting even. Let's just say all of my anger was translated into different shades of blue and purple on somebody's face. Seriously, I did regret it in a way but I can't help saying "Hell yeah!" after the incident. So to that other person out there dont provoke me cause I'm gonna go hurt you....I just realized getting physical is way better than bitching out.

Don't worry peeps I'm not gonna go Pacquiao on anybody I see...LoL


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