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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Love the sun!!!

Im not drunk yet they're taking advantage of me

Smile pa rin sa cam kahit daming tao sa beach

The next big pornstar comin atcha!!!... hehehe

My tan is wearing off now, good thing there is a two day company outing this coming sunday...Can't wait, excitement etoooooo!!!!!

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LOL! lesbianism!!! ahahhahahaha! it's sooooo contagious

Posted by Anonymous Mike #  


nice pose! i like the expression on your face

Posted by Anonymous charles ravndal #  


Weeeeeeeeeeeee... Love the pics! And love the one on the pic of course... Teehee!

Posted by Anonymous Paul #  


hala! apil dinhi nag igat igat pud ka Paul! hahahahhaha

uuuuuyyyy Paul, look at Marco's navel... hairy.... hahahhahahahaha TEDDY BURR TEDDY BURR!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Mike #  


ill be waiting...

Posted by Anonymous /iambrew #  


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